Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Beach

Went to the beach today for the first time in like f**king years with a couple of mates "her" (mentioned in previous blog)found out she had a boyfriend, sadly but still today was pretty fun just got back. One of my other friends was taking his girlfriend on their relationship anniversary so we drew them a massive heart in the sand because they were on the same beach and would have been able to see it

Bout it.


  1. Much better than being stuck in a classroom all day, I suppose.

  2. Sucks she had a boyfriend. better luck with other girls man.

  3. Did you actually swim? Because that'd be crazy

  4. bummer that she had a bf :\ Don't worry others will come.

  5. Hehe, what a cute lil blog.

    Now that weather's getting hotter though, I intend to break myself away from my laptop at some point and hit Southend-on-Sea or one of the beaches in that area. Call up some old mates.

    Have a good summer!