Saturday, 2 April 2011


I know i haven't blogged in a while but that is because i have been a little busy and had nothing good to blog about anyway. I have been getting back into fitness since its been ages since i could call myself fit. I have decided to give those of you out there some tips on working out. First off gyms are a waste of money. I went to a gym called "city fitness' for about 4 months, sure it had everything there but there was no actual muscle building when i was working out. Attending a martial art class of some kind can be extremely good and also very cheap somehow you're more driven to do the excersise. When i was doing "muay thai kickboxing" Ii was the most fit i have ever been and it only cost $10 a week which is pretty good but i cant afford that lol. so i borrowed two 10kg dumbbells from a mate and started on this fitness routine.

Using one 10kg weight:
10 lifts right hand
10 lifts left hand
10 sit-ups
Repeat this 4 times
then Go for a 10 min mid speed jog with 2 walking breaks
Its as simple as that for starting out

If you cant do this no problem take 2 off
8 lifts right hand
8 lifts left hand
and so on

Hope this helps you guys

Monday, 21 March 2011

Went back to the beach again today. I have been going quite a lot lately. at first the surf looked so terrible the little group that i managed to rope together almost turned around. and started walking away but my and good friend campow were unabashed. anyway we went in with the other looking out and once we hit about 9 meters out there were awesome waves about 2 foot not really sure but they were large so we started trying to body surf these bad boys and shit that was fun as hell. As soon as everyone else saw these large waves start coming in every 2 minutes or so they ran to get in on the fun. I managed to ride one all the way to the sand which is good cause i suck at swimming and body surfing. That pretty much made my day.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Battlefield 2142

Ok last time i played battlefield 2142 was like 3 years ago. the disc is still intact with no scratches so it should work perfectly fine. But when i try to register it again it always comes up with some registration error. I think it's something about it being already registered or something. Anyone had the same problem or how to fix it?

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Beach

Went to the beach today for the first time in like f**king years with a couple of mates "her" (mentioned in previous blog)found out she had a boyfriend, sadly but still today was pretty fun just got back. One of my other friends was taking his girlfriend on their relationship anniversary so we drew them a massive heart in the sand because they were on the same beach and would have been able to see it

Bout it.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

High School Friend

Today was alright i hung out with a friend from back in high school the whole day because i had time off work. it was really fun to catch up and have a laugh over what people at our year level used to do. Boy they did some stupid stuff. In our last year of high school some guy named ben caved into peer pressure and ate a weta. how disgusting is that. anyway it was quite good too see him and also see how much he has matured. I thought of him as an idiotic child because he always used to do stupid things. But now i have respect for him he has a girlfriend, a steady job, is living in a decent flat with cool room-mates and also finds time to work out.

that's it i guess

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Stupid Auction

Today, I had to attend an auction with my dad because he thought it would be a great idea and that i could find something to put in my flat. So i go along just to see what there could be and I'm having a look around examining the power of a water blaster. I look up and who should walk in but her, you all know her the one that taunts you because she is out of your league, incredibly sexy and messes up your mind without even saying a word. So i think "even if there is nothing to bid on i could maybe talk to her". I continue on browsing but without looking up at her incase its an awkward moment. she disappears and i think oh she must have left or something (therefore stop looking out for her) an hour and a half later waiting for my bid item i get out bid on it in less than 2 seconds start to leave and see her get up to take the item. rage like you wouldn't believe. i spent over an hour bored as hell when i could have been talking with her instead of listening to my dad blabber on about random crap and i didn't even get the item i wanted.

So you could say today was pretty crappy and very slow.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

This is the pizza i made about a week ago it didnt take much thought as you can clearly see. I was wondering what else i could make that would taste good but require as much effort as it took to create this pizza.