Saturday, 2 April 2011


I know i haven't blogged in a while but that is because i have been a little busy and had nothing good to blog about anyway. I have been getting back into fitness since its been ages since i could call myself fit. I have decided to give those of you out there some tips on working out. First off gyms are a waste of money. I went to a gym called "city fitness' for about 4 months, sure it had everything there but there was no actual muscle building when i was working out. Attending a martial art class of some kind can be extremely good and also very cheap somehow you're more driven to do the excersise. When i was doing "muay thai kickboxing" Ii was the most fit i have ever been and it only cost $10 a week which is pretty good but i cant afford that lol. so i borrowed two 10kg dumbbells from a mate and started on this fitness routine.

Using one 10kg weight:
10 lifts right hand
10 lifts left hand
10 sit-ups
Repeat this 4 times
then Go for a 10 min mid speed jog with 2 walking breaks
Its as simple as that for starting out

If you cant do this no problem take 2 off
8 lifts right hand
8 lifts left hand
and so on

Hope this helps you guys

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